Beautiful Garden Edging Ideas

Beautiful gardens look even better with beautiful edgings. If you are looking for some amazing garden edging ideas, you can find a lot of them on the internet and different books that talk about garden decorating and garden edging. One of the sites that I really like, because of its beautiful pictures and a lot of different ideas and materials, is Beautiful Garden Edging Ideas. The most common and inexpensive way to make garden edgings is using rocks. When we say inexpensive in this cave that doesn’t mean not pretty and even low quality. It can look even better than using any other material. If you don’t want to buy rocks and you don’t know where to get them try to look for them in the woods or beach and rivers. You can try to pick up same sizes or try to experiment with different sizes and shapes.

Other two inexpensive garden edging materials are also wood and plants. That’s right. You can use plants for edgings. You can try with low ground cover continuously around the edge of your flower beds, lawn or garden. Maybe even using small shrubs will look amazing, but be careful to pick really small types of shrubs or you will have a lot of work with maintaining your garden edging.

You just build your house and you have some bricks left? Use them for edging. You can even use concrete to make beautiful edgings. But be careful with it, you don’t want your garden to totally cemented.

Instead of making garden edgings with these cheaper solutions, you can also buy them. There are sooo many beautiful plates and blocks out there to choose from. When I am at the garden store, I just can’t decide which one looks the best. They come in various colors and different shapes. I prefer lighter colors, they look just amazing. But sometimes darker is the way to go, it really depends on your garden arrange and the colors of your plants. In the picture below is the example that I “stole” from the site mentioned above, which I really like. This is in my opinion one of the most beautiful gardens edging you can buy. Of course there are so many edgings to choose from, that it is hard to point out which one is the best, so this is just my opinion.

If you decide to make garden edging by yourself try to make a plan before you actually start to work on it. Just draw a quick sketch, you don’t have to make a detailed plan, unless you want to.

These were some garden edging ideas and few examples of material that can be used to make them. Remember that doesn’t really matter what kind of material we use but how we use it. Everything can look beautiful in our gardens.

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Photo credit:; Snapping Stone Garden Border

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